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About NurSearch


Q- What is NurSearch
A- NurSearch is a hiring platform for nurses. NurSearch helps connect independent nurses with potential patients and employers.

Q- Who is NurSearch for?
A- NurSearch was created for nurses and nurse employers (patients, families, businesses). At this time, NurSearch is available for use in the United States. If you would like to use NurSearch is another country, please contact a NurSearch Administrator.

Q- Is NurSearch a staffing agency?
A- NurSearch is not an agency, NurSearch provides the tools for independent nurses to connect with potential employers. Unlike an agency, NurSearch does not direct the provision of care in any way.

Q- How much does NurSearch cost?
A- NurSearch is (and will always be) free to sign up! There is no fee to create profiles or job listings. Payments processed directly on the NurSearch platform will be subject to a 3% service fee (PayPal processing fee).

Q- What is NurSearch Premium?
A- NurSearch Premium is an optional service that allows nurse employers to create customized marketing campaigns to optimize their nurse hiring experience. NurSearch Premium includes analytic feedback to improve your nurse hiring experience.

Q- What is included in a NurSearch Premium customized marketing campaign?
A- NurSearch Premium customized marketing campaigns include a variety of analytic variables designed to improve your nurse hiring experience. Variables include people reached, cost per impression, cost per click, audience overview, and competitive analysis.

Q- How do I sign up for NurSearch?
A- Anyone can sign up for NurSearch by clicking on the following sign up link. NurSearch is free to sign up.

Q- How do I create a nurse profile?
A- Nurses can view instructions on creating a nurse profile by going to “How it Works – Nurses“. NurSearch is and will always be free for nurses.

Q- What if I have more questions?
A- At NurSearch, we love to hear from our members. Please feel free to reach out to our operations department by emailing Justine@NurSearch.org.

Q- What do I do if it is an emergency?
A- IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911. NurSearch is not intended for use during a medical emergency.