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Despite spending the most, the United States ranks last compared to other developed countries in health outcomes. Improving health education and literacy is a vital step towards developing a sustainable health care system. Nurses are the ideal educators to fill the gap in health education.

Health Education

Health literacy depends on a variety of factors. Effective teaching depends on compatibility between the individual and the educator. Barriers to learning intensify when the patient and professional have different styles of communication. Cultural differences can further strain the effectiveness of communication. Improving health literacy is the first step to improving outcomes because it affects the delivery of care in a variety of ways. Medical records will provide greater value if a patient can articulate their health history. Symptoms will be more effectively treated when patients can provide detail. Chronic management of a disease will improve when the patient understands the reasons behind medical recommendations. Nurses learn to adapt to the unique needs of every patient. Utilizing the skills of nurses is an opportunity to improve literacy and health education.

In a recent study, Australia spent $3,800 per individual and had the best outcomes. The United States spent the most ($8,508) and demonstrated the worst outcomes. The United States has fewer practicing physicians per person than most country. Furthermore, the United States is about to enter a nursing shortage twice as bad as any in 50 years. Access to care and efficiency are major reasons for poor outcomes. Nurses are a cost-effective healthcare provider embedded in our communities. The United States must use the skills of nurses to improve health education.


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