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NurSearch – Find a Nursing Job

At NurSearch, we believe that there is a perfect nurse for every patient and a perfect job for every nurse. We help nurses find a work environment where they feel they passionate about the work that they do. Due to popular demand, NurSearch will be expanding its services to help nurses throughout the Northeast United States. Do you need a nursing job? New listings are now available in Boston, Philadelphia, and Hoboken. We want to thank our community of nurses for spreading the word and helping NurSearch grow!

How does NurSearch work?

So, how does NurSearch work? First, NurSearch is free to join. You can create an account by clicking the following link. We provide free career consultation to all of our members. We want to hear about your previous experiences that have shaped you as a nurse. New graduate nurses are encouraged to join! We also want to hear your frustrations with nursing. As nurses, we understand that providing nursing care isn’t easy. Finally, we want to hear your vision for the future of nursing! What is your dream nursing job? What can we do to support your nursing career? What inspires you as a nurse?
How does this help you find a nursing job? Using this information, we help nurses create professional nurse profiles. We encourage our nurses to choose their hourly rate. It is entirely up to you whether or not you accept any work. If our website doesn’t have the perfect job, we will find it for you and share the application link. NurSearch is not an agency. We are a community of nurses. We want to help restore passion to nursing care. Together, we can transform the nursing experience.
Are you ready to get started? NurSearch is free to join! Do you still have questions? We want to hear from you. The NurSearch team is available to answer any questions. Please contact us at info@nursearch.org to get started!

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