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It doesn’t matter how long you have been providing care. Everyone remembers their first day as a new graduate nurse. The first needlestick, the first code, the first mistake, the list could go on forever. There is a common perception within the industry that nurses eat their young. Clearly, this mentality is toxic. The nursing industry is on the verge of the biggest nursing shortage in fifty years. Unless we welcome new graduates into our ranks with open arms, everyone will suffer. We owe it to our patients, our mentors, and to each other to fix this flawed mentality to provide the highest level of nursing care.


Treating new graduates with indifference is costly to your organization. Despite receiving extensive training, new graduate turnover is 30% the first year and 57% the second year. Still, the cost of such training is approximate $82,000. New graduates cite poor relationships with their peers as a major reason for seeking new employment. So, embracing young nurses is a crucial step to providing adequate staffing levels. 

New Graduate Residency Programs

New graduate residency programs have shown to be effective in reducing turnover. Residency programs are often longer than a standard orientation. In addition to creating a structured training environment, these cohorts foster a support system for new nurses. Excessive costs are a frequent criticism of nurse residency programs. That being said, the resources saved by reducing turnover can outweigh the cost of providing a residency program.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is a valuable service for nurses regardless of experience. For this reason, NurSearch provides complimentary support to all nurses. New graduate nurses are encouraged to join. There are over one hundred specialties within nursing. We believe that there is a right job for every nurse and a right nurse for  every job. We hope that by supporting new graduates with their decision making that we will create a better environment for all nurses.

Are you a new graduate nurse? We want to hear from you! NurSearch helps new nurses find placement in nurse residency programs. Are you a veteran nurse? Let us help you find a nursing job that you are passionate about!


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