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Job Forecast – Nursing Data – Best Places to Work

The nursing data is in! The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released new information describing the outlook of the Registered Nurse profession. Good news, the nursing profession is will experience 16% growth over the next decade. With over 3.2 million nurses needed, there will be a wide variety of nursing job opportunities available to new and experienced nurses alike. But, the forecast on nursing varies by region. Below is the nursing data worth considering when searching for a new job.

Most Nursing Jobs

As expected, the New York City metropolitan region continues to have more nurses than any other region. Within this region are New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and White Plains. Together they use a whopping 1.23 million nurses! The annual mean wage for the region is $88,200. That said, the big apple is not the highest for job growth.

Ranking first for new nursing jobs is Washington DC. The nation’s capital will have the highest job openings per capita. The lowest? Mississippi has the fewest new nursing jobs opening over the coming years. By comparison, DC will have seven times the new job openings. Honorable mention, Alaska has the fewest nurses per capita. If you are seeking a cold adventure, Alaska is hiring! Washington DC also has the highest nurses per capita. Clearly, Washington DC values nurses!

Most Growth by Specialty

As mentioned above, nursing data shows an expected 16% growth over the next 7 years. More than double the rate of the average occupation. Of course, there are over 100 specialties within the nursing profession and each will experience unique changes.

The specialty with the highest anticipated growth is ambulatory care. Comprising 7.4% of the industry, the ambulatory care specialty will experience 44.3% growth. This sector currently employs 500,000 nurses and will have 705,000 by 2024.
While still a small section of the nursing workforce, self-employed nurses, or nurse entrepreneurs, will increase in size by 33%. Congratulations to all nurse entrepreneurs!


Highest Nursing Pay

By a significant margin, the bay area continues to pay nurses the highest hourly rate. The top seven metropolitan areas for nurse hourly wage all surround San Francisco. The average Registered Nurse salary is San Francisco is currently $136,610. Twice the hourly rate of the national average.

Before you pack your bags for San Francisco, consider the hourly rate adjusted for cost of living. Once adjusted, California isn’t even in the top five. If you want to live like royalty (or perhaps comfortably), consider working in Nevada. Highest annual salaries adjusted for cost of living are Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Michigan, and Texas. The lowest annual salary adjusted for cost of living is Hawaii. Finally, it makes sense why Hawaii has a severe nursing shortage.

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