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Where to buy nursing scrubs

Posted on Quora. Can you buy nursing scrubs at WalMart?

Yes, you can buy just about anything from Walmart. Below is a photograph I took today that shows the selection. That being said, many online scrub companies are founded by nurses. I encourage you to check them out and support your peers.

Scrubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. I suggest you check your local store’s availability to ensure that the scrubs in stock will meet your needs. As a nurse, it is likely that you will spend a good amount of your life in your scrubs. Below are two categories that I consider when purchasing a set of scrubs.


Scrubs are more than a uniform, they are a nurse’s toolbox. I prefer scrub cargo pants because the side pockets can fit a clipboard or a notebook. The pockets on a scrub top are big enough to fit an oversized item. Also, scrub pockets can feature space for additions like shin pads (a lifesaver for paramedics).


Wouldn’t it be nice to wear pajamas to work? Well lucky for us, scrubs have a lot in common with pajamas. Likewise, investing in a comfortable fabric can be well worth the cost. Stretchable fabrics provide seamless movement as you hustle to provide care. Investing in soft scrub tops could be the difference in whether you need to wear an undershirt. Furthermore, being comfortable will help your confidence! For these reasons, I recommend prioritizing scrub fabric in your purchasing decision. Keep in mind, sleeping in your work scrubs is gross no matter where you work.

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